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Still There

Unfortunately, I’m still busy for at least another week. I do have a sizable blog article stewing, however…


Still Around

I’m still alive and ticking, but unfortunately I’ve been deluged with work for the past three weeks, and it’s likely to stay that way for another 2 weeks. Expect a new blog entry on the 26th of this month.


It has nothing to do with Gravestorm! Honest!

At any rate, I spent this past week researching more on game & UI design, as well as game-specific design patterns. Honestly, the game engine seems like it’s going to be one huge Mediator pattern at this point. I’m rewriting quite a bit of my code to allow for better design.
*chucks the old code out the window* Truth be told, I didn’t intend to go back a few months of work in order to make the next three months of work easier… but that’s how it happened. I’ll start writing a Tech Spec, and hopefully by next week (work allowing) it’ll be done.

Pen and Paper

Well, I’m working on a community-designed MtG-based RPG right now. It’s interesting, to say the least.
However, I’m also coding an application to download data and pricing from the internet and analyze it, which will be useful for Crystal Lotus. Additionally, I hope to apply the RPG system to the (eventual) RPG aspect of the game.

$3.99 + S & H

Nope, not sellin’ my blog! Just commiserating with the ‘conomy. On that note, a few items to know…
1) MLK day was yesterday. A moment of silence is better than doing nothing, but a kind word or deed to someone who needs it is unsurpassed.
2) Crystal Lotus got a bit of UI work done… screenshots coming sooner or later.
3) Still looking into a decent Java project to work on.
4) Finals & studying for them over the next couple of weeks means less free time. This post in itself is a bit rushed due to tests tomorrow.

And finally… take a breather, take a break, go do something you enjoy or you want to do. Better better late then never and better now than later, so why not now?

Better Late Than Never

Well, I was slammed with a flurry of events this last weekend that lingered through Monday that led to me being unable to post. I’ll have to use the autopress feature more often, so that an article will be up whether or not I’m available, especially since this is the second or third time I’ve had this happen to me.
Anyhow, I’ve sort of decided to bite the bullet and started the search for a decent server (just for project hosting). SourceForge + customization is always a possibility, and so is a leased or subleased portion of a server. Aside from that, I haven’t invested much time into it, so I’m not too sure.
Recently, however, I’ve begun learning Java more aggressively and have finished a couple of small projects in it and am nearly done with a mid-sized one. My personal opinion of the language (having learned C# as my first “real” programming language) is that, while far better than C++, it lacks some of the functionality that is innate to C#. Moreover, it’s lack of operator overloading and peculiarities of equality are unintuitive – e.g., it compares addresses in memory rather than the contents thereof. I do think it’s worth knowing, however, especially for cross-platform support – and there is less animosity towards the JRE than towards the .NET Framework.
I do want to do some sort of “graduation” project before I return to Crystal Lotus… maybe I’ll write a mid-sized game with Open GL or make a significant contribution to an existing project. I’m personally inclined towards the latter, because I believe that creating a game architecture from scratch would be unreasonable given my other activities and responsibilities.


As many of you well know, it’s ostensibly Winter Break in America – really, it’s a glorified Christmas break. Nonetheless, this holiday time is rather busy, so no updates until the weekend after the next one (in January…). Enjoy your vacations!

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