Games, programming, and Magic: the Gathering. What more could you want?

$3.99 + S & H

Nope, not sellin’ my blog! Just commiserating with the ‘conomy. On that note, a few items to know…
1) MLK day was yesterday. A moment of silence is better than doing nothing, but a kind word or deed to someone who needs it is unsurpassed.
2) Crystal Lotus got a bit of UI work done… screenshots coming sooner or later.
3) Still looking into a decent Java project to work on.
4) Finals & studying for them over the next couple of weeks means less free time. This post in itself is a bit rushed due to tests tomorrow.

And finally… take a breather, take a break, go do something you enjoy or you want to do. Better better late then never and better now than later, so why not now?


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